September 17th, 2020

Houseparty x Giordano Poloni

All of the [Frames] in Houseparty are original collections created by talented, independent artists. Every other week, we’ll drop a new collection by a new artist in the app. This week’s artist, @giordanopoloni, is taking us on a trip around the world to explore its many wonders and landmarks. These globally inspires [Frames] are now available in Houseparty! 😎

Houseparty x Giordano Poloni collab image

Born and raised in Italy, Giordano Poloni has had a long history with art and illustration. He began working as an editor and motion graphic designer to several Italian-based advertising production companies in 2006. In 2010, he was commissioned to create illustrations for clients such as Volkswagen, The Guardian, The New York Observer, Wired UK and Einaudi. Inspired by his huge collection of comics, movies and photography books, and above all, color, he creates digital artworks highly reminiscent of his Italian heritage. His last book, ‘C’est toi mon papa?’, won several awards including a Gold Medal at the New York Society of Illustrators. 🎨

Houseparty x Giordano Poloni spotlight image

About the collection - “I really love painting landscapes and finding an original point of view that is easy to relate to. I’ve found that art is the cheapest way to travel and see places I’d like to visit. This job has had all these things I enjoy - bringing my friends and family together [on Houseparty] and visiting places I love.

In this collection, you can stare at the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco and a second later you’ve flown to Mount Fuji, Japan. I’m thankful to Houseparty for the amazing trip around the world!” - Giordano Poloni

Look out for more artists being introduced to the app every other week!

Downloadable Wallpapers

This collection of art is a sight to behold. Take a vacation from your current wallpaper and download 9 of @giordanopoloni’s [Frames] here in both vertical and horizontal orientations! An additional 6 [Frames] will be available for download over the coming days as they are added to the app. Follow our social channels for updates! Instagram. Twitter. Facebook.

How to use [Frames] in Houseparty:

Frames How To image

  1. Download the Houseparty App.
  2. Start a group chat with your friends.
  3. Press the [Frames] icon in the bottom corner of your screen.
  4. Select the frame you’d like to use and confirm.
  5. Strike a pose, you look glamorous.