September 3rd, 2020

Houseparty x Jordan Debney

All of the [Frames] in Houseparty are original collections created by talented, independent artists. Every other week, we’ll drop a new collection by a new artist in the app. This week’s artist, @jordandebney, has cooked up a collection of scrumptious looking food art, now available in Houseparty! 😎

Houseparty x Jordan Debney collab image

Jordan is a New Zealand born artist based in Australia. What started as a personal quest to form something bigger quickly turned into something new. He taps into a modern - grunge-esque - youthful style that utilizes color and light as a resource, rather than a tool and uses them to cast visuals that would be reminiscent of an earlier time where rawness and vulnerability was glorified. His desire to illustrate and become an artist has always been a hidden pulse in his life - beginning with early obsessions over comic books and cartoons, then turned to the blending of life, color, and illustrative art altogether. 🎨

Houseparty x Jordan Debney spotlight image

About the collection - “I tend to naturally hold myself to a degree of seriousness, a certain level of professionalism is to be represented in my work. However, for this job it wasn’t the case. Each piece is as fun and eye-catching as the next, I realized if I approached this with a blunt wit then they just wouldn’t work. I’d like to thank Houseparty for allowing me to express myself in the way I have always found to be most fulfilling” - Jordan Debney

Look out for more artists being introduced to the app every other week! @giordanopoloni is up next.

Downloadable Wallpapers

This collection of art is food for the eyes. Get it to go by downloading 9 of @jordandebney’s [Frames] HERE in both vertical and horizontal orientations. An additional 6 [Frames] will be available for download over the coming days as they are added to the app. Follow our social channels for updates! Instagram. Twitter. Facebook.

How to use [Frames] in Houseparty:

Frames How To image

  1. Download the Houseparty App.
  2. Start a group chat with your friends.
  3. Press the [Frames] icon in the bottom corner of your screen.
  4. Select the frame you’d like to use and confirm.
  5. Strike a pose, you look glamorous.