October 15th, 2020

Houseparty x Lisa Dino

All of the [Frames] in Houseparty are original collections created by talented, independent artists. Every other week, we’ll drop a new collection by a new artist in the app. This next artist, @elrosaebel, has captured a day in the life of her adorable, iconic character, the Bloopi. These heartwarming [Frames] are now available in Houseparty! 🥰

Houseparty x Lisa Dino collab image

Working under the name ‘Elroseabel’, Lisa Dino is a multidisciplinary designer and artist whose main focus is illustration and merchandise design. She is known to possess a strongly feminine visual art style that utilizes the contrast of vibrant and pastel tones. Elroseabel likes to escape from the seriousness of reality by imagining original characters like her loveable ‘Bloopi’.he Recently, she has incorporated Bloopi into designs for pillows and enamel pins. Incorporating playfulness in her works is essential to Elroseabel, allowing this over-imaginative artist to bring the world of ‘Bloopi’ to life.

Houseparty x Lisa Dino spotlight image

About the collection - “This opportunity came to me at a time I urgently needed that spark of enjoying what I do again, which is drawing. Though I’m always grateful to be doing what I love everyday, work is still work and can get tedious at times. The burnout was real and I was slowly losing that joy in creating anything new. When asked to create these images for the Houseparty app, I was quick to say yes! The idea of creating fun and colorful background images for many people to enjoy viewing and connecting with through the app, meant I could create visuals that emanate the joy and playfulness I had been longing for. I’m honored to be a part of this new artist series for Houseparty and hope the world will enjoy my original character the ‘Bloopi’ as much as I enjoy drawing them” - Lisa Dino

Look out for more artists being introduced to the app every other week!

Downloadable Wallpapers

This collection of art is everything we need this year. Glow up your current wallpaper and download 9 of @elrosaebel’s [Frames] HERE in both vertical and horizontal orientations! An additional 6 [Frames] will be available for download over the coming days as they are added to the app. Follow our social channels for updates! Instagram. Twitter. Facebook.

How to use [Frames] in Houseparty:

Frames How To image

  1. Download the Houseparty App.
  2. Start a group chat with your friends.
  3. Press the [Frames] icon in the bottom corner of your screen.
  4. Select the frame you’d like to use and confirm.
  5. Strike a pose, you look glamorous.