June 22nd, 2020

New Game! How to Play Word Racers on Houseparty

Word Racers logo image

Word Racers is a timed word game to play with your friends! This game has three rounds (laps) that are each 90 seconds long and you need to play with at least one other friend.

Here’s how to play Word Racers

Each player gets 8 letters. The letters will spell one 8-letter-word and several smaller words, too!

Once the timer starts, each player has 90 seconds to come up with as many 3+ letter words as possible. Each word length is worth a certain number of points. Longer words are worth more points, and you get even more points if you get a long word FIRST!

Swipe across a combination of letters to create a word. No letters can be used twice. In between rounds, you can choose to take a break to check the scoreboard and sneak a peek at the top words that your friends discovered.

Hot Tip: there’s a double point bonus if you’re the first one to get a specific 5+ letter word

The player with the most points after three rounds is the WINNER!

Word Racers, start your engines.

Note: The game content is from the English Dictionary.