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House Rules

Rules are meant to be broken. Except these, these tell you how things work.

Buzzing 🐝

When you really need your friends, press and hold on that little hand to buzz your friends. It’s like a wave, but just a little more… extra.

Ghosting 👻

Your friend will no longer receive your “in the house” notifications when you Ghost. Boy, bye.

Groups 👩‍👩‍👧‍👧

Pick some friends, make a guest list, and start your (private) parties.

Muting 🏠

Turn this on and you won’t get “in the house” notifications from your friend. We’ll never tell.

Notes 💬

Need to sidebar? Tap on a friend’s name (or face) and pass a note. Reveal your deepest darkest secrets, or just tell your friend there’s spinach in her teeth.

Stranger Danger 😱

When a friend of your friend joins the party, or one of your friends who doesn’t know everyone in the room joins, that’s a time for Stranger Danger. Or, party time!

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