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We Time

See how long you’ve talked to your closest friends in the app. Every time you talk to a friend, even if it’s with other friends, we add to your time! Time with friends is time well spent.


Can’t reach your friend? Try leaving a message…with your face. Now you can save highlights from your parties and share them with everyone who couldn’t be there.


Wouldn’t it be really nice to read all your notes in one place? Check your inbox! Open your activity and swipe right to read everything (from the past 60 days), from everyone you care about.

Group Notes

Did you know that you can send a note to a group of friends? Just go to your Inbox and start a new note to get the group (text) chat going.


Have a Bitmoji? Want to show it off? Now you can make it your profile picture! Just connect your Snapchat and voila.

Mac App

Want to take this party to your Mac? Download the Mac app! See your friends faces bigger and better.

Best Friends

Your best friends are determined by the mysteries of the Houseparty universe. Just kidding! It’s the people you talk to the most. Tap on your name to see your best friends.

Profile Link

We want all your friends to find you. Just copy and send this code to all your people.


Need to get ahold of your friend NOW? Use that little green phone icon when you’ve used up all your waves.

iMessage App

Get the Houseparty iMessage app, pick a time, send the invite to your group chat. Connect when you want to.


Need to sidebar? Tap on a friend and pass a note. You can have a private conversation without ever leaving the chat!


Tap on this and your friend won’t get your “in the house” notifications. Go ahead and open the app as many times as you want.

Say Hi

Tap on that little hand to get your friends’ attention and get them in the house NOW.

Manage Notifications

Dreams do come true. Now you can customize all the notifications and decide who you hear from, all the time. The power is yours.

Edit Profile

Need to change your username? Full name? Want to add your birthday so we can celebrate you? You can do it all in Edit Profile.

Lock the Room

Want to keep this chat on lockdown? Tap that little lock and only people you invite can join.